May 2, 2008

Studio Jolly

On thursday afternoon the three Nike teams took the afternoon off to do some 'Team building'. The team building took place at Sarah Hollowood's farm which is located 30 miles south of Portland. Lucky for us the sun shined because it's always nicer to drink beer, I mean Team build outside.

Sarah's farm was designed by some guy who wanted to see how many different types of wood he could get into one building. It has about a million kinds. Or maybe 7. Anyway, it's an incredible place, with beautiful views out back onto grassy wooded slopes ending with a stream. The basement has a shooting range. A shooting range! A couple of rifles were casually lying there. I resisted the temptation. The basement also has a weird cupboard where you could easily imprison people, if you were Austrian.

Out front there are three Llamas and four sheep. Eric tried to coax the Llama with fresh beer but they weren't interested. The theme for food and drink was Mexican. Also one of the 'Team building' games involved a Pinata. The other involved a quiz with lots of questions I didn't know the answers to.

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